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Sample Profiles

Eduard Hackel
Hackel, Eduard

(b. March 17, 1850 – d. February 02, 1926)

Czech Republic; Austria-Hungary; Austria

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Identified Mycetophilidae and collected Mycetophilidae

Cantelow, Ella Dales

(b. September 12, 1875 – d. March 27, 1964)

United States of America

Collected Asteraceae

Adams, Nancy

(b. May 19, 1926 – d. March 27, 2007)

New Zealand

Identified Halymeniaceae and collected Delesseriaceae

Ivar Trägårdh
Trägårdh, Ivar

(b. September 16, 1878 – d. May 22, 1951)


Collected Asteraceae

Identified Cyprinidae and collected Cyprinidae