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Parys, Katherine
United States of America
167 specimens

Katherine identified Apidae and collected Apidae

Peck, Stewart
33,497 specimens

Stewart identified Leiodidae and collected Staphylinidae

Pendry, Colin
2,276 specimens

Colin identified Polygonaceae and collected Leguminosae

Pirie, Michael
960 specimens

Michael identified Annonaceae and collected Poaceae

Portman, Zachary
United States of America
6,114 specimens

Zachary identified Andrenidae and collected Andrenidae

Pyle, Richard
2,148 specimens

Richard identified Pomacanthidae and collected GOBIIDAE

Riede, Klaus
150 specimens

Klaus identified Gryllidae and collected Tettigoniidae

Rázuri-Gonzales, Ernesto
0 specimens

Saarela, Jeffery
31,672 specimens

Jeffery identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Sheffield, Cory
6,131 specimens

Cory identified Megachilidae and collected Ephydridae

Shorthouse, David Peter
7 specimens

David Peter identified Linyphiidae

Shorthouse, Joe
644 specimens

Joe collected Eurytomidae

Sokoloff, Paul
9,495 specimens

Paul identified Asteraceae and collected Poaceae

Sparrius, Laurens
101 specimens

Laurens identified Roccellaceae and collected Verrucariaceae

Weir, Bevan
New Zealand
152 specimens

Bevan identified Glomerellaceae and collected Glomerellaceae

Wirth, Christopher
United States of America
91 specimens

Christopher identified Tenebrionidae