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Authenticated users who share their profiles and deceased natural historians others have helped to acknowledge

Lambert, Fran├žois
627 specimens

Fran├žois identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Leech, Robin E.
(b. February 01, 1937 – d. June 17, 2016)
6,553 specimens

Robin E. identified Linyphiidae and collected Carabidae

Lendemer, James
68,140 specimens

James identified Parmeliaceae and collected Parmeliaceae

Leopold, Aldo
(b. January 11, 1887 – d. April 21, 1948)
United States of America
18 specimens

Aldo collected Poaceae

Levi, Herbert Walter
(b. January 02, 1921 – d. November 03, 2014)
United States of America
7,274 specimens

Herbert Walter identified Araneidae and collected Linyphiidae

21,937 specimens

Gwilym identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

7,876 specimens

Aaron identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

MacQuarrie, Chris
26 specimens

Chris identified Ichneumonidae and collected Tenthredinidae

Macoun, John
(b. April 17, 1831 – d. June 18, 1920)
15,544 specimens

John identified Cyperaceae and collected Cyperaceae

Mallon, Jordan
33 specimens

Jordan identified Nodosauridae and collected Pachycephalosauridae

McAllister, Donald Evan
(b. August 23, 1934 – d. June 17, 2001)
10,354 specimens

Donald Evan identified Salmonidae and collected Cyprinidae

McCabe, Lindsie
United States of America
2,352 specimens

Lindsie identified Tachinidae and collected Tachinidae

McClay, Alec
26 specimens

Alec collected Tortricidae

1,329 specimens

Jane identified Agamidae and collected Agamidae

United States of America
58 specimens

Gustavo identified Charinidae and collected Gonyleptidae

Mlynarek, Julia J.
8,443 specimens

Julia J. identified Sciaridae and collected Chloropidae

Monro, Alexandre
11,959 specimens

Alexandre identified Urticaceae and collected Urticaceae

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1,506 specimens

Peter identified Begoniaceae and collected Begoniaceae

41 specimens

Edward collected Cyperaceae

Mowat, Farley
(b. May 12, 1921 – d. May 06, 2014)
535 specimens

Farley collected Emberizidae; Emberizinae

Nabokov, Vladimir
(b. April 10, 1899 – d. July 02, 1977)
Russian Empire; United States of America
19 specimens

Vladimir identified Lycaenidae and collected Geometridae

Nabokov, Dmitri
(b. May 10, 1934 – d. February 23, 2012)
United States of America
6 specimens

Dmitri collected Hesperiidae

Neatby, Kenneth
(b. March 30, 1990 – d. October 27, 1958)
56 specimens

Kenneth identified Asteraceae and collected Brassicaceae

4,502 specimens

Mark identified Zingiberaceae and collected Zingiberaceae

3 specimens

Cynthia identified Corvidae and collected Corvidae

United States of America
168 specimens

Katherine identified Apidae and collected Apidae

Peary, Robert
(b. May 06, 1856 – d. February 20, 1920)
United States of America
66 specimens

Robert identified Bovidae and collected Cervidae

Peck, Stewart
33,497 specimens

Stewart identified Leiodidae and collected Staphylinidae

Pendry, Colin
2,276 specimens

Colin identified Polygonaceae and collected Leguminosae

Pielou, E. C.
(b. February 20, 1924 – d. July 16, 2016)
7 specimens

E. C. collected Fucaceae