Public Profiles

Authenticated users who share their profiles and deceased natural historians others have helped to acknowledge

Dikow, Torsten
United States of America
6,794 specimens

Torsten identified Asilidae and collected Asilidae

Droege, Sam
267,076 specimens

Sam identified Halictidae and collected Andrenidae

Esterhuysen, Elsie Elizabeth
(b. April 11, 1912 – d. May 31, 2006)
South Africa
31,656 specimens

Elsie Elizabeth identified RESTIONACEAE and collected RESTIONACEAE

Evenhuis, Neal
United States of America
260 specimens

Neal identified Bombyliidae and collected Dolichopodidae

305,192 specimens

Zachary identified Staphylinidae and collected Staphylinidae

Favret, Colin
3,405 specimens

Colin identified Aphididae and collected Aphididae

Felix, Faerthen
204 specimens

Faerthen identified ASTERACEAE and collected ASTERACEAE

Friel, John
United States of America
7,206 specimens

John identified Cyprinidae and collected Cyprinidae

Friesner, Ray Clarence
(b. February 08, 1894 – d. December 01, 1952)
26,525 specimens

Ray Clarence identified Asteraceae and collected Asteraceae

Gagnon, Edeline
361 specimens

Edeline identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

Gerrath, John
United States of America
639 specimens

John identified Asteraceae and collected Poaceae

2,095 specimens

Zoe identified Melastomataceae and collected Leguminosae

222 specimens

Quentin identified Oxalidaceae and collected Oxalidaceae

Génier, François
8,083 specimens

François identified Scarabaeidae and collected Staphylinidae

100 specimens

Elspeth identified Ranunculaceae and collected Gesneriaceae

2,174 specimens

Dean A. identified Cyprinidae and collected Cyprinidae

Hocking, Brian
(b. September 22, 1914 – d. May 23, 1974)
908 specimens

Brian identified Tabanidae and collected Tabanidae

Howden, Henry Fuller
(b. August 19, 1925 – d. May 21, 2014)
United States of America; Canada
8,588 specimens

Henry Fuller identified Scarabaeidae and collected Staphylinidae

Howden, Anne Elizabeth
(b. July 19, 1927 – d. September 09, 2016)
4,463 specimens

Anne Elizabeth identified Curculionidae and collected Carabidae

Huber, Dezene
358 specimens

Dezene collected Hydropsychidae

222 specimens

Mark identified Begoniaceae and collected Begoniaceae

James, Shelley
653 specimens

Shelley identified Myrtaceae and collected Rubiaceae

Jeppesen, Thomas Stjernegaard
34 specimens

Thomas Stjernegaard identified Cortinariaceae and collected Cortinariaceae

Johnson, Norman F.
69,637 specimens

Norman F. identified Platygastridae and collected Platygastridae

United States of America
4,475 specimens

M. Andrew identified Tenebrionidae and collected Tenebrionidae

Jongsma, Gregory
3,898 specimens

Gregory identified Ranidae and collected Hyperoliidae

Kinsey, Alfred
(b. June 23, 1894 – d. August 25, 1956)
United States of America
653 specimens

Alfred identified Cynipidae and collected Cynipidae

Klitgaard, Bente
5,031 specimens

Bente identified Fabaceae and collected Fabaceae

890 specimens

Michelle identified Phrynosomatidae and collected Phrynosomatidae

United States of America
1,082 specimens

Erica identified Mactridae and collected ASTERACEAE