Quirk, Z. J., & Hermsen, E. J. (2020). Neogene Corylopsis Seeds from Eastern Tennessee. Journal of Systematics and Evolution. doi:10.1111/jse.12571

A new fossil species of Corylopsis (Hamamelidaceae), C. grisea Quirk & Hermsen sp. nov, based on seeds from the early Pliocene Gray Fossil Site (GFS), eastern Tennessee, U.S.A., is described. The assignment of the seeds to Hamamelidaceae, subfamily Hamamelidoideae, is based on the overall size of th…

Clarke, Charles Baron

(b. June 17, 1832 – d. August 25, 1906)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Identified Acanthaceae and collected Acanthaceae

Forrest, George

(b. March 13, 1873 – d. January 05, 1932)

United Kingdom

Collected Compositae

Gadeceau, Émile

(b. February 07, 1845 – d. May 18, 1928)


Identified Apiaceae and collected Solanaceae

Joseph Dalton Hooker
Hooker, Joseph Dalton

(b. June 30, 1817 – d. December 10, 1911)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Identified RUBIACEAE and collected Dicranaceae

Kingdon-Ward, Frank

(b. November 06, 1885 – d. April 08, 1958)

United Kingdom

Collected Primulaceae

Tomitarô Makino
Makino, Tomitarô

(b. April 24, 1862 – d. January 18, 1957)


Identified PIPERACEAE and collected Apiaceae

Charles Maries
Maries, Charles

(b. December 18, 1851 – d. October 11, 1902)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Collected Sargassaceae

Philipp Franz von Siebold
von Siebold, Philipp Franz

(b. February 17, 1796 – d. October 18, 1866)

Kingdom of Bavaria; Germany

Identified Trochodendraceae and collected Fabaceae

Sweeney, Patrick

United States of America

Identified Clusiaceae and collected Adoxaceae

Ernest Henry Wilson
Wilson, Ernest Henry

(b. February 15, 1876 – d. October 15, 1930)

United Kingdom; United States of America

Identified Magnoliaceae and collected Berberidaceae

Collected Araliaceae