Carrasco, J., Price, V., Tulloch, V., & Mills, M. (2020). Selecting priority areas for the conservation of endemic trees species and their ecosystems in Madagascar considering both conservation value and vulnerability to human pressure. Biodiversity and Conservation. doi:10.1007/s10531-020-01947-1

Madagascar is one of the most biodiverse countries in Africa, due to its level of endemism and species diversity. However, the pressure of human activities threatens the last patches of natural vegetation in the country and conservation decisions are undertaken with limited data availability. In thi…

Patterson, Bruce

United States of America

Identified Phyllostomidae and collected Phyllostomidae

Identified Poaceae and collected Poaceae

Norman I. Platnick
Platnick, Norman I.

(b. December 30, 1951 – d. April 08, 2020)

United States of America

Identified Lamponidae and collected Araneidae

Polhemus, John T.

(b. September 11, 1929 – d. May 21, 2013)

United States of America

Identified Saldidae and collected Naucoridae

Pool, Mary

(b. November 15, 1816 – d. November 04, 1875)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


Identified Pteridophyta and collected Pteridophyta

Rainer, Heimo


Identified Annonaceae and collected Asteraceae

Rauh, Werner

(b. May 16, 1913 – d. April 07, 2000)


Identified Bromeliaceae and collected Bromeliaceae

Identified RANIDAE and collected RANIDAE

Identified Cichlidae and collected Cichlidae

Identified CYPERACEAE and collected Cyperaceae

François-Jules Pictet de la Rive
de la Rive, François-Jules Pictet

(b. September 27, 1809 – d. March 15, 1872)


Identified Hydropsychidae and collected Muridae

Identified Lauraceae and collected Lauraceae

Identified Costellariidae and collected Annulariidae

Ross, Edward Shearman

(b. September 01, 1915 – d. March 16, 2016)

United States of America

Identified Carabidae and collected formicidae

Rønsted, Nina


Collected Rubiaceae

Identified Araneidae and collected Scydmaenidae

Schellenberg, Gustav

(b. September 28, 1882 – d. June 04, 1963)


Identified Connaraceae and collected Polytrichaceae

Rudolf Schlechter
Schlechter, Rudolf

(b. October 16, 1872 – d. November 16, 1925)


Identified Orchidaceae and collected Orchidaceae

Identified ORCHIDACEAE and collected ORCHIDACEAE

Karl Moritz Schumann
Schumann, Karl Moritz

(b. June 17, 1851 – d. March 22, 1904)

German Confederation; German Empire

Identified Rubiaceae and collected Compositae

Sieber, Franz

(b. March 30, 1789 – d. December 17, 1844)

Austrian Empire

Identified Apiaceae and collected Fabaceae

Identified Pisauridae and collected Lucinidae

Sleumer, Hermann Otto

(b. February 21, 1906 – d. October 01, 1993)

Germany; Kingdom of the Netherlands

Identified Ericaceae and collected Ericaceae

Identified Rubiaceae and collected Rubiaceae

Hermann zu Solms-Laubach
zu Solms-Laubach, Hermann

(b. December 23, 1842 – d. November 24, 1915)


Identified Pottiaceae and collected Pottiaceae

Sosef, Marc


Identified Gramineae and collected Rubiaceae