Carrasco, J., Price, V., Tulloch, V., & Mills, M. (2020). Selecting priority areas for the conservation of endemic trees species and their ecosystems in Madagascar considering both conservation value and vulnerability to human pressure. Biodiversity and Conservation. doi:10.1007/s10531-020-01947-1

Madagascar is one of the most biodiverse countries in Africa, due to its level of endemism and species diversity. However, the pressure of human activities threatens the last patches of natural vegetation in the country and conservation decisions are undertaken with limited data availability. In thi…

Identified Ebenaceae and collected Ebenaceae

Lindau, Gustav

(b. May 02, 1866 – d. October 10, 1923)


Identified Acanthaceae and collected Trichocomaceae

Identified Restionaceae and collected Restionaceae

Identified Pottiaceae and collected Pottiaceae

Alicia Lourteig
Lourteig, Alicia

(b. December 17, 1913 – d. July 30, 2003)


Identified Oxalidaceae and collected Oxalidaceae

Loveridge, Arthur

(b. May 28, 1891 – d. February 16, 1980)

United Kingdom

Identified Colubridae and collected Hyperolidae

Identified Boraginaceae and collected CAMPANULACEAE

Collected Rubiaceae

Identified Fabaceae and collected Leguminosae-Caes.

Gustaf Oskar Andersson Malme
Malme, Gustaf Oskar Andersson

(b. October 24, 1864 – d. March 05, 1937)


Identified Apocynaceae and collected Asteraceae

Marchand, Louis

(b. January 14, 1807 – d. March 04, 1843)


Markgraf, Friedrich

(b. February 01, 1897 – d. March 08, 1987)

German Empire; Weimar Republic; Nazi Germany; Germany

Identified Apocynaceae and collected Melastomataceae

Collected Orchidaceae

Identified Scorpaenidae and collected Scombridae

McEvey, Shane


Identified Drosophilidae and collected Drosophilidae

Charles Duncan Michener
Michener, Charles Duncan

(b. September 22, 1918 – d. November 01, 2015)

United States of America

Identified Halictidae and collected Apidae

Identified Holothuriidae and collected Alpheidae

Identified Linyphiidae and collected Selenopidae

Moat, Justin

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Collected Orchidaceae

Moldenke, Harold Norman

(b. March 11, 1909 – d. January 07, 1996)

United States of America

Identified Verbenaceae and collected Asteraceae

Identified Formicidae and collected Formicidae

Identified Chenopodiaceae and collected Poaceae

Identified Platygastridae and collected Platygastridae

Identified Labridae and collected Gobiidae

Newton, Alfred

United States of America

Identified Staphylinidae and collected Myobatrachidae

Identified Myrtaceae and collected Myrtaceae

Nuñez, Leroy

United States of America

Identified Hylidae and collected Equidae

Identified Euryalidae

Collected Delphacidae

Identified Lamiaceae and collected LABIATAE