Cleofé Caldéron

Cleofé Caldéron

C.E.Calderón; Cleofé E. Calderón; Cleofe Calderon; C.E.Calderon; Cleofe E. Calderon
(b. October 26, 1929 – d. March 19, 2007)
botanist, agrostologist

Specimen Data Used

Crespo-Mendes, N., Laurent, A., & Hauschild, M. Z. (2018). Effect factors of terrestrial acidification in Brazil for use in Life Cycle Impact Assessment. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. doi:10.1007/s11367-018-1560-7

Purpose:In Life Cycle Impact Assessment, atmospheric fate factors, soil exposure factors, and effect factors are combined to characterize potential impacts of acidifying substances in terrestrial environments. Due to the low availability of global data sets, effect factors (EFs) have been reported a…

Crespo-Mendes, N., Laurent, A., Bruun, H. H., & Hauschild, M. Z. (2019). Relationships between plant species richness and soil pH at the level of biome and ecoregion in Brazil. Ecological Indicators, 98, 266–275. doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2018.11.004

Soil pH has been used to indicate how changes in soil acidity can influence species loss. The correlation between soil pH and plant species richness has mainly been studied in North America and Europe, while there is a lack of studies exploring Tropical floras. Here, our aim was therefore to investi…