Cory Sheffield

Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina, SK, CA | Canada
bees, taxonomy, diversity, conservation, pollination
Borkent, Christopher
7,906 specimens

Christopher identified Mycetophilidae and collected Mycetophilidae

Gibbs, Jason
7,603 specimens

Jason identified Halictidae and collected Anaplasmataceae

Griswold, Terry
243,034 specimens

Terry identified Megachilidae and collected Andrenidae

Hebert, Paul
115,191 specimens

Paul identified Cicadellidae and collected Phoridae

Skevington, Jeffrey
8,709 specimens

Jeffrey identified Pipunculidae and collected Chloropidae

Smith, M Alex
25,252 specimens

M Alex identified Formicidae and collected Formicidae

Smith, Andrew B.T.
7,657 specimens

Andrew B.T. identified Scarabaeidae and collected Carabidae

Wheeler, Terry A.
(June 08, 1960 – July 25, 2017)
94,992 specimens

Terry A. identified Chloropidae and collected Chloropidae

Zhou, Xin
13,017 specimens

Xin identified Limnephilidae and collected Hydropsychidae

packer, laurence
175 specimens

laurence collected Andrenidae